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Vessel Technology Announces Agency Agreement with Total Group.

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Vessel Technology is delighted to announce the appointment of Total Group as an agent of Vessel Technology products.

The appointment of Total Group will significantly increase the local presence of the DPSS®, DPSS®Net and future products from Vessel Technology. Based in Limassol, Cyprus Total Group will represent Vessel Technology within Cyprus, Egypt and Libya.

Total Group has a strong background in the supply of specialised equipment and services to various sectors of the offshore and marine industry. The company’s well established client base, together with strong technical capability make them an ideal partner of Vessel Technology.

Located in Aberdeenshire, UK, Vessel Technology is a provider of highly innovative hardware and software products, primarily for Dynamic Positioning and marine testing applications. Commenting on the appointment, David Milne, Managing Director of Vessel Technology, stated: ‘We are very pleased to form this agency agreement with Total Group. The agency agreement will enable an exceptional presence to be provided to users of Vessel Technology's products in the Middle East region.’

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