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The DPSS (Dynamic Positioning Signal Simulator) comprises complex software and hardware in one handheld unit to reduce costs, time and risk when testing DP systems.

Functionality includes the ability to simulate the following reference systems and sensors - Fanbeam, GPS, Artemis, Radius, MRU, Gyro, Wind, Depth, HMS (Temperature, Pressure and Humidity), Cyscan, Waypoints, Serial and Can bus random noise/jabber ability.  Full telegram output information can be found in the product datasheet below.



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Great training aid for DP maintenance course

Customers tell us the DPSS is great to teach the fundamentals in a DP maintenance course as per NI requirements.


The DPSS makes it possible to test a DP manufacturer's system with independent hardware to ensure that it is resilient to faults and erroneous input data.  The DPSS provides a half way house to HIL testing at a greatly reduced cost.

Easier lower cost FMEA and annual trials

Typically a DP manufacturer is required for testing of the DP system. The DPSS is able to simulate signals which until now have not been possible without extensive software knowledge.

Reduce off hire time and DP manufacturers' service visits

With the DPSS unit off hire time can be reduced by giving vessel crew the tools they need to identify issues. Imagine the costs saved if the DPSS prevents the vessel returning to shore to collect a service engineer!


With the high costs of a DP manufacturers' service engineer why not reduce the costs by using a DPSS instead of a service engineer to perform some of the testing required during FMEA proving trials?

DPSS Datasheet
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