Vessel Technology design and manufacture two pieces of hardware for testing DP control systems - the DPSS®Net and the DPSS®.

Both of these products are designed and maintained in house.


Vessel Technology have combined years of experience working with DP systems to produce two products - the DPSS and the DPSSNet to empower the vessel crew to be able to do more without having to call out a service engineer.

Our products are designed and maintained in house and can be customised as per the customer requirements.  If you have any questions please just contact us.



The DPSS®Net is an easy to use tool which allows vessel crew to conduct network storm tests.

On a typical DP system a network storm should not have a detrimental effect on position keeping as there is typically redundancy in the form of dual networks.

The DPSSNet makes it quick and easy to conduct network storm tests on your DP system or other control systems. It does this by generating relevant packets of data to swamp the hardware under test. The DPSSNet is customised to meet the needs and requirements of each vessel and updates can be provided remotely. 

The DPSSNet reduces the need for callouts to service engineers, reducing downtime and expense whilst being independent from the manufacturer.

DPSSNet cut out.png

If you can push a button you can use the DPSSNet!. See the video to see just how easy it is to use.



Is it hard to use?


“Network storms are a potential common mode failure capable of causing a drift off. All modern networks are fitted with protection against this type of failure. This protection must be checked periodically to confirm it is operational and that alarms to indicate that it is operating are working.”

MTS – TECHOP ODP 08 Annual trials GAP analysis

“Comprehensive tests for a network storm should be carried out during FAT and FMEA proving trials to ensure that such an event cannot fail both networks.”

MTS DP vessel design philosophy guidelines Part 2

“To this end, it will be necessary to carry out data throughput tests and network storm tests on each channel (Net A & B).”


“The network functionality shall be verified in a test where at least the following items shall be verified:

…Worst-case scenarios – network storm”

DNV Offshore Standard DNV-OS-D202 Ch2. Sec 3 C501 and DNVGL-RU-SHIP Pt.4 Ch.9 January 2017

In particular where the safety case claims that a dynamic positioning system achieves IMO Class 2 or better the duty holder for the safety case should investigate the communications architecture for the relevant DP system. If the dynamic positioning functions are dependent on a shared communication medium such as a dual data bus network, then the duty holder should ensure that appropriate measures are in place to prevent a single fault causing failure of the DP system.

Health and Safety Executive UK - Safety notice OSD 1-2013.

Why our solution is better than others

Our unique solution allows the crew on board to conduct the testing with a cutting edge piece of hardware that is as simple as plug and play.  Our solution has a one time cost and can be used many times.  The alternative solutions available from Kongsberg and DNV as an example involve flying an engineer to the vessel each time a test is to be completed.  The one time cost of a DPSS®Net unit is less than the cost of flying an engineer out just once!

DPSS Net Datasheet
Network Storm Info



The Dynamic Positioning Signal Simulator, DPSS, comprises complex software and hardware in one handheld unit to reduce costs, time and risk when testing DP systems.

Current functionality includes the ability to simulate the following reference systems and sensors - Fanbeam, GPS, Artemis, Radius, MRU, Gyro, Wind, Depth, HMS (Temperature, Pressure and Humidity), Cyscan, Waypoints, Serial and Can bus random noise/jabber ability.  Full telegram output information can be found in the product datasheet below.



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Great training aid for DP maintenance course

Customers tell us the DPSS is great to teach the fundamentals in a DP maintenance course as per NI requirements.


The DPSS makes it possible to test a DP manufacturer's system with independent hardware to ensure that it is resilient to faults and erroneous input data.  The DPSS provides a half way house to HIL testing at a greatly reduced cost.

Easier lower cost FMEA and annual trials

Typically a DP manufacturer is required for testing of the DP system. The DPSS is able to simulate signals which until now have not been possible without extensive software knowledge.

Reduce off hire time and DP manufacturers' service visits

With the DPSS unit off hire time can be reduced by giving vessel crew the tools they need to identify issues. Imagine the costs saved if the DPSS prevents the vessel returning to shore to collect a service engineer!


With the high costs of a DP manufacturers' service engineer why not reduce the costs by using a DPSS instead of a service engineer to perform some of the testing required during FMEA proving trials?

DPSS Datasheet


Vessel Technology is an innovative company developing and delivering products for the offshore industry.  Vessel Technology also provides consultancy in the area of marine testing.


The Dynamic Positioning Signal Simulator, DPSS and DPSSNet are cutting edge pieces of hardware to reduce downtime and help cut costs.


The hardware is designed, manufactured and maintained by Vessel Technology. Vessel Technology's personnel have years of experience working for some of the world's largest automation and DP manufacturers.  Further products are currently in development and Vessel Technology can provide customisation of its hardware and software to meet client needs.





Vessel Technology are able to support customers remotely by phone or email and additionally by site visits/sea trials if required. Vessel Technology can provide consultancy to identify areas and methods to prove system reliability. Please see contact details for Vessel Technology.


Below is the client login to allow customers access to the latest software updates for their hardware.  Please log into the website below using the username and password found on the back of the DPSS/DPSSNet unit. The files for your hardware will then be available. Please ensure that you install matching software for the DPSS i.e. HMI software corresponds with the firmware software.  Full instructions on how to perform software updates can be found once you have logged into the portal.


A logging function is provided on the DPSSNet so that Vessel Technology can customise the software for your vessel.  You can submit your log data and obtain updated software through the client login below.




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